5 MINUTE MASSAGE (introductory massage)   R50

10 MINUTE MASSAGE (equivalent to a 40minute hand massage)    R80

15 MINUTE MASSAGE (equivalent to a 60minute hand massage)    R120

20 MINUTE MASSAGE (equivalent to a 90minute hand massage)   R150

Specific treatments (15/20 /40 minutes only)

*Stress Relief            *Muscle Tension                *Muscle Therapy           *Circulation

*Arthritis                    *Headaches                       *Backaches                 *Cellulite

*Weight-loss               *Lymph Drainage/Detox

Loyalty Cards (gift cards sold and corporate discounts offered)


10 MINUTE           R400

15 MINUTE           R600

20MINUTE            R750



PRICES available on request call Riaan on 0744 140430.


Customers that have the following medical conditions should advise their doctor before having a massage or liposuction treatments, serious heart conditions, pregnancy, cancer or deep vein thrombosis as a safety precaution.


Lymph Drainage/Detox: 

1.      Lymph Is An Immune System Fluid That Helps Collect Unwanted Materials For Removal From The Body. Lymph Nodes Are Found Throughout The Body Including Most Notably The Neck, Armpits, And Groin.

Has The Job of Filtering the Lymph Fluid and Removing Damaging Elements They’ve Picked up along the Way, Such As Bacteria and Cancer Cells. When The Lymph Nodes Detect These Foreign Elements In The Fluid, They Begin Producing Additional Infection-Fighting White Blood Cells, And Become Enlarged In The Process, Hence A Swollen Gland.

2.      Detox -Ridding The Body From Toxins-What We Breath And Eat, Recovering From An Illness, Operation, Meds, One Will Feel Tired, Get Sick Often, Body Not Functioning Properly, Skin Problems ,Swelling, Over Indulgencing Like Xmas, Change Of Season, Start To Weight-Loss And Cellulite.

3.      15/20mins. Different Type of Massage

4.      No Children under 16yrs

5.      Side effects Of The Treatment: Feel Flu-Like Symptoms for a Day or Two Depending On How Toxic the Body Was. Client Must Drink Lots Of Water/Green Tea, Limit Salt Intake And Ensure Movement (Do Not Sleep/Rest) To Hurry The Process.

6.      Can Do A Treatment Once A Month And More Frequent When On A Weight-Loss Or Cellulite Treatment Plan.


1.      Warm Water on High Pressure Penetrates And Breaks Down Fat Molecules

2.      Client Must Have Ruled Out Hormonal Changes Or Thyroid Problems, Medication And Forms Of Treatment That Are Contributing To Their Weight Gain First.

3.      Detox First: Ridding the Body from Toxins

4.      20mins Only (2x20mins per Session) and 3x A Week. Client Should Wear Thin Pants, Can Do Massages On Tummy Or Back.

5.      Clients Can Buy A Loyalty Card To Save.

6.      Recommend Clients Do Some Form Of Exercise (Walking, Carrying Your Shopping, Climbing Stairs, Swimming ,Cycling) To Increase Their Metabolic Rate(Energy/Calories A Person Burns In A Day).

7.      Limit Carbohydrates And specially  After 3pm, It Stores As Fat So Rather Have At Breakfast Or Lunch(A Calorie Sheet Will Be Provided). Slimming  Tea/Water And Fitness Pal App To Assist With Calorie Intake. Do Not Starve Yourself.

8.      Recommend Clients To Measure Themselves Once a week, So They Can See A Difference With The Programme.  However There Are No Guarantee’s As Each Body Works In  A Different Way.


1.      Warm Water On High Pressure Penetrates And Breaks Down The Fatty Deposits.

2.      Cellulite Is Fat That Is Deposited In Pockets Just Below The Surface Of The Skin. Occurs Around The Hips, Thighs, Butt. Due To It Being So Close To The Skin, Cellulite Leads To The Dimpled Appearance. The Massage Will Be Done In A Similar Way As For Weight-Loss.

3.      Detox First: Ridding The Body From Toxins

4.      Client Must Wear Thin Pants. Recommend Using An Anti-Cellulite Cream Like Nivea Firm Up Fast/Firming Oil Or Roc Retinol Anti-Cellulite, Neutrogena Anti-Cellulite Treatment Apply Before A Session.

5.      3x A Week 15/20mins, Can Do Massages On Tummy Or Back. Clients Can Buy A Loyalty Card To Save.

Corporate Rates


Reward and rejuvenate your staff or clients with a relaxing Aquamassage treatment.

Are you looking for the perfect place for a small staff get together?

Epique Experience is a fantastic place to pamper your valued employees and clients.

When considering corporate gifting, give a gift that your clients and staff will appreciate.

What better way to recognize top clients and staff then being pampered without any chance of feeling shy or self-conscious, as you remain fully clothed.

Our gift cards and group booking packages are perfect for employee/client gifts, bonuses & incentive programs.

Corporate Rates:

1. Gift Cards

Purchase 10 gift cards (minimum R80.00 per gift card.)
Receive the 11th and 12th one free.

2. Group booking discount:

*10% discount on Groups of 3 or more having 20 MINUTE AQUAMASSAGE each.

*15% discount on Groups of 6 or more having 10/15/20 MINUTE AQUAMASSAGE each